Research Data Management


Coordination: M. Sc. Hendrik Heinemann
Chair of Surface Engineering/Surface Engineering Institute

The AK FDM was founded in 2020 and is integrated into the existing activities on FDM within the RWTH Aachen University, as shown in Figure 1. The AK FDM has already participated in meetings with the FDM team of the RWTH Aachen University and in events of the NFDI4Ing. Selected participants of the AK FDM have already taken part in meetings with the FDM team of RWTH Aachen University and in events of NFDI4Ing. An initial exchange with the data stewards of the Cluster of Excellence "Internet of Production" has also taken place. By continuing to participate in meetings of Team FDM in the future, new developments regarding the infrastructure within RWTH Aachen University and FDM in general will be followed directly. At the same time, training measures offered by Team FDM will be transferred to SFB 1120. On the subproject level, the existing FDM infrastructure of RWTH Aachen University will be used as tools for the daily work with research data. The collaboration of members of the AK FDM in the Special Interest Groups "metadata & ontologies" and "quality assurance and metrics for FAIR data" of the NFDI4Ing will also enable an exchange here. In the future, collaboration in the newly founded NFDI-MatWerk will also be sought.

  Integration of the AK FDM into the SFB 1120 and the RWTH Aachen University Copyright: © SFB 1120 Figure 1: Integration of the AK FDM into the SFB 1120 and the RWTH Aachen University  

One of the first activities of the FDM working group was to conduct a survey within the SFB 1120 on the current status of FDM within the subprojects. Thereby it was asked which previous experience regarding FDM already exists and which methods are already used. Based on this survey and in the new meetings of the working group that have taken place so far, a concept for the FDM for the remaining period of the second phase and the planned third phase of the SFB 1120 was developed. This concept continues to rely on a working group for central control of the FDM activities and deliberately does not request a separate position for the FDM, a so-called data steward. The direct integration of the subprojects in a working group is intended to bring the FDM closer to the daily work of the project team. Based on the survey, a first data management plan was created in the Research Data Ma-nagement Organizer (RDMO) in the form of a question catalog, which is shown in abbreviated form on the following page. By answering this question catalog, the first step was to identify the emerging data sets and types for each TP. Next, the questionnaire asks what metadata is created for this data and how this can also be captured. Finally, the questionnaire asks about archiving the research data to ensure long-term storage.

Members: A01, A02, A06, A07, A10, A11, B03, the entire SFB 1120 will be informed.