Scope and Topics

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Enhanced Material and Part Optimization and Process Intensification – EMPOrIA is an International Joint Conference of and organized by SFB1120 Aachen, SFB814 Erlangen and CCE Darmstadt.

EMPOrIA is the perfect platform for efficient knowledge transfer in the field of materials processing and their applications. The conference is devoted to scientific presentations on the latest research results. Following the common code of good scientific practice the presentations shall be complete, comprehensible, and verifiable. All contributions will undergo a review process by the Scientific Committee.

EMPOrIA focuses on the latest developments as well as future trends in the field of materials processing. The conference topics address anyone who is interested in the potential of manufacturing in theory and application. The aim is to bring together international experts from research and industry in order to match scientific advances and economic needs for mutual benefit.
We invite you to join EMPOrIA and be a part of our international community sharing ideas in inspiring talks and discussions





Modelling, Simulation and Optimization

Welding/Brazing/Cutting/Coating Polymers Multiphase Flows
Casting/Molding Metals Structural Mechanics
Additive Manufacturing Functional Materials Computational Rheology