Scientific Guests and Committee

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The Scientific Commitee consits of 20 members from different institutions of RWTH Aachen, Erlangen and Darmstadt.

M. Behr, CATS, Aachen, Germany
K. Bobzin, IOT, Aachen, Germany
A. Bück, LFG, Erlangen, Germany
A. Bührig-Polaczek, GI, Aachen, Germany
D. Drummer, LKT, Erlangen, Germany
A. Gillner, LLT, Aachen, Germany
C. Häfner, LLT, Aachen, Germany
Ch. Hopmann, IKV, Aachen, Germany
C. Körner, WTM, Erlangen, Germany
H. Marschall, MMA, Darmstadt, Germany

J. Mayer, GFE, Aachen, Germany
J. Mergheim, LTM, Erlangen, Germany
M. Merklein, LFT, Erlangen, Germany
U. Reisgen, ISF, Aachen, Germany
M. Schäfer, FNB, Darmstadt, Germany
M. Schmidt, LPT, Erlangen, Germany
P. Steinmann, LTM, Erlangen, Germany
M. Stingl, MSO, Erlangen, Germany
O. Weeger, CPS/FNB, Darmstadt, Germany
H. Zhang, TMM, Darmstadt, Germany


Invited Guests

Invited guests on the list are from high developed companies.

Dierk Raabe , MPI Düsseldorf:

"Designing alloys for optimal microstructures and properties out of the liquid solid-transformation"

David Bourell , University of Texas at Austin:

"Evolution of Additive Manufacturing"

Dominik Rietzel , BMW AG:

"Additive Manufacturing on the Road – bringing science to the streets"

Philip Cardiff , University College Dublin:

"Three decades of the finite volume method for solid mechanics"

Harald Ehrentraut , Freudenberg Forschungsdienste KG:

"Simulation of Molding Processes in the Rubber Industry – Current Challenges and Progress in Material Modeling"

Dr. Mingming Tong , National University of Ireland Galway

"Process and microstructural modelling for the welding and powder bed fusion additive manufacturing techniques"

Peter Pirklbauer , Airbus