Bundling Skills in the Working Groups

Organizational structure

The collaborative research center's scientific structure contains not only two process-specific project areas but also a working group structure. This working group is dedicated to the technological and methodological questions of analysis, process description, and the compensation or control and regulation of process parameters and thermal and material effects.

The triad of analysis, comprehension, and control form the framework for both project areas. Using process and materials methods operating under the term "Precision Melt Engineering," the goal of these areas is to create a foundation, which manages to turn exact predictions into attainable precision for both production processes suitable for the masses, such as casting, as well as welding processes that follow. Ultimately, the setup of a desired precision should be made possible through the imagined approach with minimal costs and effort.


Diagnostic Methods Working Group

The Diagnostic Methods working group focuses on the diagnosis and analysis of the molten mass, heat flow, and the temporal and local formation of the solidification process.

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Modeling and Simulation Working Group

The Modeling and Simulation working group concentrates on the various methods used for the description and qualitative and quantitative modeling of different processes based on melting.

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Compensation Working Group

The Compensation Methods working group works on controlling the molten mass, on the targeted process-dependent modification of heat flow, and thus, the manipulation of the solidification process.

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