Working Group Diagnosis


Working group D1: High-speed videography

Responsible: Marcelo de Oliveira Lopes

When were meetings held?

13.12.2018 / 16.01.2019 / 15.02.2019 / 15.03.2019 / 17.04.2019 / 31.07.2019 / 04.12.2019

Which questions are currently being worked on?

  • Automated evaluation of process videos
  • ImageJ and Machine Learning are intensively discussed as video analysis tools
  • Main challenges: Big difference in processes, Quality of the videos

When should a publication be made in this regard?

In 2020, publications will be produced indirectly as a result of the solutions developed in this working group.


Working group D2: In-situ experiments in the large chamber scanning electron microscope (Gk-REM)

Responsible: Thomas E. Weirich

Which questions are currently being worked on?

Since the last report, a meeting of the Ak has taken place to discuss the possibilities of achieving higher experimental temperatures.

Currently, systematic investigations are being carried out on the wetting behaviour of aluminium alloys with different Cu-Sn solders. The material samples produced in the course of these in-situ experiments are currently characterized by EDX-REM and FIB-TEM.

Publication of the results obtained is planned for mid 2020.


Working group D3: residual stress analysis and in-situ methods

Responsible: Rahul Sharma

Which questions are currently being worked on?

  • 05.12.2018: Implementation of in-situ experiments with synchrotron and neutron radiation
  • 11.002.2019: Presentation of possible measuring methods for residual stresses
  • 28.06.2019: Discussion of planned in-situ measurement procedures, preparation for comparison XRD-ESPI

When should a publication be made in this regard?

Subject: Technological Comparison of X-ray stress analysis with incremental hole drilling method in cooperation with subprojects A2 and A12

Subject: Development of an In-Situ Observation Procedure for Hot Tear Formation in Aluminum Alloys in Gravity Die Casting in cooperation with subprojects A2 and B6


Working group D4: Determination of heat transfer in casting processes

Responsible: Jonathan Alms

Which questions are currently being worked on?

Application of the concepts from the metal sector in the plastics sector:

  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Temperature measurements in the edge area (interface temperature)
  • Inverse simulation to determine the heat transfer coefficient

Influence of the contact surface for highly viscous melts under pressure:

  • Construction of a measuring stand with the existing tool insert
  • Influence of shrinkage in the holding pressure phase
  • Provision of relevant key figures for the description of the thermal boundary conditions in filling simulations

When should a publication be made in this regard?

Subject: Heat transfer coefficient determination in a gravity die casting process with local air gap formation and contact pressure using experimental evaluation and numerical simulation in cooperation with subprojects B8 and B9

Subject: Measurement of the heat transfer coefficient under process conditions in polymer injection moulding in cooperation with subprojects B3, B4, B8 and B9

Subject: Comparison of the influence factors for at the heat transfer coefficient between metal casting and polymer injection moulding Cooperation with subprojects B4 and B9